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This SFW has provided us with an onslaught of visual and sartorial inspiration. We’re big fans of the label Low Classic, which has endless cool girl devotees (and for good reason). The Spring/Summer 2016 collection did not disappoint and left us coveting oh so many pieces.

Designer Lee Myeong Sin has the tailored separates thing DOWN. She understands that women just want to feel beautiful and designed to flatter and fit our bodies with a strong focus on silhouette. Crisp white suits and slinky silk dresses were splattered with abstract, kitschy ink sketches of female forms. Slouchy tees with photographs of babes in bras and prints that said “Boobs” also reigned supreme. It was a fun, tongue in cheek lineup. Bolo ties contrasted with elegant, chic pieces and produced a wonderful tension and juxtaposition. Hues ranged from moody neutrals to jewel colors that popped. The models were fresh-faced with gelled, slick hair.

The ideal collection for the lady who likes a bit of an edge and androgyny. The whimsical show was able to strike just the right balance between playful and polish.

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