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With fashion season finally coming to an end globally, it’s time to look back at the archives and revel in the killer looks we witnessed and the boundless inspiration to be found.

Every fashion city has its nuances, its own distinctive style sensibility. Paris has undone elegance, New York has polished edge, London has exuberant innovation, Milan has design par excellence, and so on. Today, we’re reflecting on the ensembles that stuck out to us from the streets of Seoul, a city whose fashion glitterati are adept at melding a slew of eclectic styles to create a truly diver, composite sartorial culture.

From the easy, transitional layers to the vibrant prints, a clash of elements reigned supreme. There was a clear focus on silhouette, fit, quality – the attendees were no neophytes. The menswear looks were more pared down, more minimalist. An overarching trend was definitely structured, neutral outerwear, with camel coats being a favorite. Another noticeable trend was bold beauty looks, something usually missing in New York. After all, no one does beauty quite as well as the Koreans.  The insouciant mixing of street with high-end was dominant, and done incredibly well. The looks were sans the stiffness of the European shows and similar in that respect to New York – attendees wore floor length organza skirts with Converse sneakers and killed it. Deconstructed, Japanese-inspired silhouettes with an androgynous edge were also visible. We couldn’t get enough of the quirky, tongue in cheek accessories! The bags were total statement pieces – real stand outs.

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All images from, instagram / Words by Arushi Khosla

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