Tell The Truth

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NOID introduces their season’s mini brand Tell The Truth; their season logo: “Tell the Truth, and Run”. ┬áNOID’s classic collections of edgy basics is transformed into this contemporary and youthful collection “Tell the Truth”. As whimsical as the name seems, this collection features vivid colors, elaborate cuts and details, and endless layered ruffles. Tell the Truth presents raw cuts and frayed edges, focusing on asymmetrical imperfection rather than refined clean fashion.



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This collection conceptualizes its’ logo in beautiful fashion; its’ styles portray movement and action, in line with their slogan “Tell the Truth, and Run”. The mixture and contrast of a variety of fabrics also aid in the blending of the certainty of truth, contrasted by the action of chaos and escape. Basic structured pleated cropped pants, and lengthier wide pants in this collection, are constantly infiltrated by ragged asymmetrical dresses and edgy layers of bras over tops and intricate sleeve details.





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